Meet The Editors with Bryan "Botak" Chin [Masses]

ATB3 Meet The Editors

10 Dec 2018

Episode 001 | 45 minutes

From managing property around the Mont Kiara area as a real-estate agent to hanging around a sneaker store whilst underemployed, which he says is the first stomping ground of what will be known as Masses today. Bryan “Botak” Chin, chief editor of the street-centric multimedia platform, is here at Around The Block to share with us how a simple blog highlighting the new kicks in town became a platform for all things street both on and off the screen. 

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About “Meet The Editors”

“Meet The Editors” is ATB3’s podcast series featuring the creators working hard behind the screen, the printed page and, even, behind the microphone. You’re joined by me, Adam Jeffery, and our many guests as we talk content galore from what’s hot off the presses, the challenges they face, and how to make it (if at all possible) in today’s highly competitive and saturated market.


Produced by Adam Jeffery

On-Set Recording by Luca Fucile

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