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ATB3 presents, its first of many series, “Meet The Editors,” a series discussing all things content. We delve into its creation, business viability, and consumer consumption with hosts from the printed page, the edited covers, and behind the microphone.

We're surrounded by content - newspapers, blogs, instagram, videos, magazine, and so much more. Some have voiced their dismay in print's demise while others think otherwise - one thing's for certain, content is here to stay. Join Around The Block's co-founder and Chief Editor, Adam Jeffery, in “Meet The Editors” as he discusses what it takes to create and curate content in Malaysia and beyond.


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Curating Creative Culture. Around The Block (ATB) is curating a creative culture through a video platform. By utilising video as our medium we are curating a community of creatives, filmmakers, and an audience. There is a wealth of entertainment, perspectives, and knowledge within the creative culture but due to a lack of exposure, liberty, and mutual cooperation; many of these creatives are left in the dark, unheard, and unappreciated. By focusing on sharing stories, capturing emotions, and creating conversations we are hoping to curate a robust and versatile creative culture.


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