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A Word With - Jerome Kay | KnurD

People often find difficulty in balancing time between work and play, while yet others still believe that there can be no such thing as a balance between work and play! Then there are the outliers like Jerome Kay and Josh Mosh, two individuals who believe that work can be just as much play as play is to work. Together, the dynamic duo have conceptualised this philosophy in a brand aptly named KnurD

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A Word With - Cassey Gan

Mix Oxygen(O) and Magnesium(Mg) and you’ll get an explosive chemical reaction certain to set tongues wagging. Certainly, fashion designer CASSEY GAN is OMG at its best (see what we did there?). Despite hanging up her lab coat and kissing her chemical engineering days goodbye, Gan’s intuitive knowledge of how to stimulate reactions has not gone amiss since her transition into the exciting world of fashion.

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