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Brad M. Seippel (better known as “thruoutin” in the music scene), a Beijing-based musician, started his music career with the guitar at the age of 13. Almost like the Chinese fable of “Journey to the West,” Seippel made his own story by going on a Journey to the East (which he eventually settled in on Beijing, China). thruoutin is all about mixing two different world and making it work, east and west, modern and traditional, and analog and digital, as he infuses notes plucked from his pipa with modern-day synths.

It’s [the pipa] a pretty hard instrument to tame. It has a lot of treble on it and the way to make it work with electronic music, which is a very digital, and [making it work with] something that’s very old or analog acoustics. So, to make these two to work I just treated it, like - some way to just produce notes and get that recorded. From there I could take out parts that I liked and, pending on the recording, fit them in with the electronic stuff that I really like.
— Brad M. Seippel, Around The Block with thruoutin - That Pipa Player

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